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The Next Multi-Billion Barrel Oil Field

will come from a Shale Play

Formation Reserves
Barnett 40 Tcf
Bakken 7.4 Bbbl
(North Dakota)
Utica 1.2 Bbbl
Marcellus 50 Tcf
Bone Spring 1.0 Bbbl
(West Texas)
What About The Great Basin?

These Major Shale Equivalents Are Found

Stacked in Nevada

The Grass May Not Be Greener But The Shale

Is Thicker In The Great Basin

Shale Formation As Found In Thickness There Thickness In Nevada
Barnett Texas 100-500 ft 1 5,000-10,000 ft
Bakken North Dakota 55-150 ft 2 900 ft
Utica Pennsylvania 100-500 ft 3 1,000's of ft
Marcellus Appalachia 40-890 ft 4 100's of ft
Bone Spring West Texas 150-300 ft 5 100's of ft

Using our data,
an independent study determined
there is enough organic material to generate
trillions of barrels of oil
in the Great Basin.

Our data shows that the Great Basin shales are the most likely source rock for the Utah/Wyoming thrust belt (inluding the Covenant Field) and the super giant tar sands of Eastern Utah.

Our Data Library and Rock Sample Collection

With Over 16 Tons of Rock and Nearly 4,000 Samples
we have an extensive and comprehensive
rock sample collection for the great basin

Through A Partnership with Cedar Strat Corp
we also have the Only Coherent
Geologic Survey of The Great Basin

Neither the State of Nevada nor the USGS has ever done a coherent professional geologic survey of Nevada. Public Surveys of Western Utah have been done mostly by students. No other private data collection or geologic survey of the Great Basin is as comprehensive or complete.

Licensing Our Samples and Data

Our Data Library

Approximately 1/3 of our samples have existing palynomorph analyses. We grant a non-exclusive license to the existing analysis for each of these samples.

Our Sample Collection

We also license the rock samples themselves for running Palynomorph, TOC, RockEval, and Ro analyses. The data obtained from any analysis of our collection can be licensed and protected with an exclusivity period.

Online Access (additional fee)

We will soon offer online access to all of our analyses and location data when you sign a licensing agreement. You will be able to purchase additional data licenses, view licensed data, receive data updates, and place samples on a map of the great basin.

To learn more about licensing or to schedule a presentation, please send us a message.

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